We Care
PDG Stan Allen of Rotary District 5170 first developed the "We Care" program. PDG Gary Citti, a member of the Santa Clara Rotary club and general chairman of Rotary District 5170 "We Care Program", has modified this program. His objective was to enable Rotary clubs to better understand the philosophy and to fully utilize the potential of the program. Special thanks, to PDG Carolyn Schuetz and PDG Neal Hoffman for assisting PDG Gary Citti in the completion of this program booklet.

This program is very successful once it is integrated within the club infrastructure. The program is a philosophy of how we should treat fellow Rotarians. Most Rotary club infrastructures change from year to year due to new administrations. Each new administration looks at problems or concerns based on past years and tries to change for the better, but may come into resistance. It has been said that we have two mottos in Rotary. The first is "Service Above Self" and the other is "God Forbid Change". The latter is not unique just to Rotary. Most individuals do not like change. As we get older we seem to find a comfort zone and we do not want anyone or anything disturbing it. This feeling seems to be prevalent in Rotary due to the age of some of our members. Even though some change is healthy it doesn't always sit well with everyone. We must understand that certain procedures and objectives will change occasionally. Unfortunately, many times our changes have lead to confusion from lack of communication and understanding. This causes uncertainty and sometimes-even apathy.

In order for a Rotary club to be successful in integrating this philosophy, changes must be made with the support and understanding of your Rotary club. This is accomplished with much discussion, planning and education. As we initiate these changes we must keep the communication flowing so all of our Rotarians understand why procedures and expectations are changing. At the same time we must select certain club procedures and expectations that will rarely change from year to year. Consistency leads to better understanding and willingness to participate. It helps create an environment that is positive and enjoyable. One of the keys to a great Rotary club is involvement.

A Rotary club is like running a business; if your employees understand your expectations and direction they usually will respond in a positive and productive manner. But if they are confused and your company shows a lack of consistent direction, they become unproductive and then become a burden on the company. Generally, they will communicate their concerns to fellow workers, which in turn creates a negative environment. Productivity goes down and so does morale. Eventually, this negative attitude is communicated to your customers by the way your employees talk and act. This generally will result in the loss of the customer. How many times have we lost new members in Rotary because of this very problem?

We must understand that our members are ambassadors of Rotary. They must have a positive attitude towards the growth and goals of their organization. Through their interaction with the public they create the avenue for growth in membership and development.