RI Water, Health, Hunger & Solar Resource Group

RI President K.R. Ravindran chose "Be a Gift to the World" as his theme for 2015-16.  Ravindran urges Rotary members to give the gifts of time, talent, and knowledge to improve lives in communities across the globe.  "Through Rotary, we can take these gifts and make a genuine difference in the lives of others and in our world."

With our D5170 Clubs' projects in the areas of Water, Health, Hunger and Solar (WHH&S) in the world, we will implement President Ravindran's theme and together strive to make the world a better place.

Our Mission: Be a resource, and provide motivation, knowledge and support for District 5170 clubs to become very active, internationally and locally, in pursuing innovative water, sanitation, health, hunger and solar projects/solutions - as shown in the WHH&S Solutions Matrix at end of this page. 

District Goals and Action plan for this year include:

  • To have every Rotary Club involved in Water, Health, Hunger and Solar project(s) - for international and/or local project(s). Look for opportunities to drastically empower women and reduce child mortality.

  • Provide club presentations, programs or training opportunities to help educate Rotarians about global and local issues relating to Water, Health and Hunger, and potential solutions including solar technologies

  • Participate in Area WCS meetings for information sharing.

  • Facilitate clubs working together, to accomplish joint Water, Health, Hunger & Solar projects - Global Grants, Matching Grants, District Grants.

  • Conduct surveys of existing and planned club projects involving Water, Health, Hunger and Solar.

  • Encourage clubs to have at least one club member join the Water and Sanitation Rotary Action Group (WASRAG: www.wasrag.org, a very informative site with opportunities to add your project for potential partner clubs).

  • Develop a Database of knowledgeable Rotary and non-Rotary experts in the many aspects of Water, Health, Hunger & Solar - resulting in leveraging our knowledge base and leading into "Best Practices".

  • Attract motivated Rotarians to join the Water, Health, Hunger & Solar Taskforce to form a long-term resource group that lasts many years.

  • Work with Interact and Rotaract clubs to encourage international/local projects in Water, Health, Hunger & Solar.

  • Continue workshops with Youth service groups and elementary & high school students on making and using solar cookers.

  • Brainstorm ideas to "make a greater difference" - for those who's survival is often threatened by poverty and lack of resources (safe drinking water, sanitation, medical care, food, energy, etc.) 

Please contact me regarding your club projects, ideas, issues or needs related to Water, Health, Hunger and Solar programs -- Or volunteer to join the taskforce or serve as an expert. Looking forward to support you and work with you all.

Allart Ligtenberg, Chair
Water, Health, Hunger & Solar Taskforce
Email: aligtenber@aol.com 

Web Page:


Tel/fax: (650)948-8294




   - Unsafe water - Solar water pasteurization, Solar Cookers, WAPI's (Water Pasteurization Indicators), SODIS (Solar Disinfection),  
      Filters (bio-sand, UV, arsenic removal, chlorine, etc), Water Testing.  
   - Water shortage - Wells, Pumps, Pipelines, Conservation,  
      Rainwater Harvesting (roofs, dams creating lakes),  
      Fog/Dew collection (even in deserts), Desalination.  
   - Farming water - Irrigation, Drip systems, Pumps (treadle, rope, solar, etc).  
   - Water related - Safe Drinking Water solutions (see Unsafe water above),  
      Sanitation, Hygiene, ECO toilets, Public toilets, Education,  
      Community building, Women empowerment.  
   - Environment - Smoke-free/no-open fire Cooking: Solar Cookers &  Rocket Stoves.  
      Burn Centers (Coaniquem).  
   - Pandemics - HIV/AIDS Prevention/education/counseling programs, PMTCT (nevirapine),  
      Prevent Polio, Malaria, Cholera, Worms, Diabetes, TB, Cancer, etc.  
      Prevent Drug abuse, STD's.  
   - Medical - Basic care, Pre/Postnatal care,Telemedicine (through internet),  
      Artificial limbs, Cleft lip & palate surgery (Rotaplast, Faces of Hope)  
      Wheelchairs (www.freewheelchairmission.org and Rotary Wheelchair Foundation), Hand-driven tricycles.  
      Dental, Eye care, Cataract surgery, Heart etc surgery,  
      Mobile Clinic, Ambulance, Hospital supplies/equipment, RotaCare.  
   - Mental Health - Treat Mental Illness, Trauma rehabilitation, Prevent Drug abuse.  
   - Miscellaneous - Bone marrow registry.  
   - Starvation - Emergency Response/Relief, Distribute food/vitamins/medicine, Save lives, Prevent Brain damage (longtime starvation/malnutrition)  
   - Malnutrition - Sustainable agriculture, Irrigation, Composting, Vegetables, Seeds, Fruit trees,  
      Solar drying (fruits/vegetables/meat), Greenhouse, Income generation,  
      Empowering women, Livestock breeding, Fishing gear, Micro-credit,  
      Teach proper diet, Soup kitchens, Surplus Food distribution.  
    - Photo-Voltaic (PV) Solar technologies: solar lighting, WLED lights, pumping, refrigeration.  
    - Thermal (passive) Solar technologies: Solar Cooking, Water Purification/Heating, Drying, Space-heating, Greenhouses.