A Message from Patrick Coyle
District 5170 International Committee Chair
Hello Rotarians,
The resources in District 5170 for international work are superb.
  • D5170 manages District Designated Funds (DDF) in a unique and eminently fair way. Every club gets an allocation of DDF based on their clubs past giving. Even if they don't have a large DDF allocation, they can partner with other clubs to get to the $16.7k minimum of DDF (with TRF change to 80% match) to be able to do a global grant.
  • Currently under D5170’s “Max the Match” program club’s receive $1.25 cash for every 1 dollar of DDF that they apply to their project when they do a district grant. The flip side is that clubs can use cash to buy 1 dollar of DDF for $1.25, which when matched (now at 80%) in an approved global grant results in a 1.44 multiplier on the cash.
  • We also have deep expertise in our D5170 Grants Subcommittee with Jon Winston, Cecilia Babkirk, and the balance of the team. Our Grants Team members are very helpful.
We’d like to focus on tapping those resources and sharing them in a way so smaller, or less experienced clubs can take advantage of the expertise in D5170.
The International Service Committee’s mission for 2022-2023 is to increase the activity in rotary clubs in our district in the international arena by:
  • Encouraging clubs and the district to be involved in international service
  • Promoting awareness of resources and the best strategies for improving projects and global grant applications
  • Helping clubs and the district find international project partners
  • Creating a network of experts in project planning and implementation, our areas of focus, and Rotary grants to strengthen clubs' global grant applications and projects
  • Assisting the district Rotary Foundation committee by connecting clubs that are applying for Foundation grants with mentors who can advise them
Our intention is to:
  • Build on prior initiatives:
    • Geeta Kadambi connected us with several sessions with clubs outside our district seeking our help with projects-presenting, sharing, pitching and seeking funds. She also organized sessions with TRF grant coordinators about what they look for in Global Grant (GG) applications.
    • Kamal Della organized the D5170 International Expo
Continue new initiatives such as:
  • Develop a process to assemble and update leadership contact information for international chairs at the club level, then use it for direct communications with them
  • Regular (monthly or quarterly) virtual meetings for all international chairs
  • Develop communication calendar to track planned and completed activities
  • Organize and execute the District 5170 project fair at the Avenues Of Service in-person event
Our task is to plan, execute, report, and operate as an international service committee, with a key element being ongoing planned succession planning.
Meet our International Service Committee team:
Peter Anderson: pacificgeo@aol.com
Cecelia Babkirk: rotariancecelia@gmail.com
Patrick Coyle: pat@coyles.com
Please reach out to any of us for help. We work closely with Jon Winston and the grant team.  Let us know what you need? We’ll try and help.
Serve to Change Lives,
Patrick Coyle
District International Chair
Rotary Club of Livermore
Co-Chair Area 4 Global Grant Committee
US cell and WA: +1 925-960-5286
schedule 30 min session with:
Jon Winston
Rotary Club of Santa Cruz Sunrise
District 5170 TRF Grants Subcommittee Chair