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  Your Face is how you greet the world and how the world greets you.
In many ways, your face determines your level of self reliance, dignity and is your passport to life itself.  
Children with facial deformities frequently do not leave their homes, go to school or learn to speak clearly enough to be understood.
As they get older they are ashamed, afraid to smile, afraid to be seen.  Their parents carry guilt and the entire family is subject to superstition and fear surrounding a child with a cleft in particular.
Faces of Hope works to provide what every child deserves,
A Beautiful Smile.
Beyond the facial deformity, infants with clefts are often subject to malnutrition, speech, ear and dental problems.  The corrective surgeries that can change a life forever are well practiced and can take as little as one hour.  However the costs and access to help are far beyond the resources of many families.  Faces of Hope, with our donors, medical volunteers and our partners in Guatemala, are able to perform surgeries with no cost passed on to our patients and their families.
Faces of Hope was established in 2005 to deliver corrective surgeries for children in Guatemala with the greatest need and the least access to medical care.  This annual program has changed and improved the lives of hundreds of children.
You are invited to join us to bring the most extraordinary gifts to a small corner of our world.  Please explore the pages of this website to learn more about what we are doing both in the operating room and in collaboration with our extraordinary partners.
If you have interest in changing lives, please contact the mission directors or click on the Donate link to make a secure online donation.  Funds are gathered through the Rotary District 5170 Foundation, a 501 (c) (3) in the USA.
Information is available from the project directors.  Please contact
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