The purpose of the Foundation Notes is to give clubs, in a brief format, ideas as to how to run a successful Annual Giving Campaign. These ideas will be laid out in a series of Chapters, designed to be in a logical step by step order, to assist club foundation chairs in the performance of their responsibilities.

Chapter 1: Committee Design-test

Chapter 2: Program Time Line

Chapter 3: Initial Letter to Members: Every Rotarian Every Year

Chapter 4: The Double Sustainer and More

Chapter 5: Record Keeping

Chapter 6: Foundation Videos

Chapter 7: Weekly Foundation Thoughts

Chapter 8: Foundation Speakers

Chapter 9: Showing Appreciation

Chapter 10: Club Newsletter

Chapter 11: The One on One Conversation

Chapter 12: Polio Plus: Until the Job is Done

Chapter 13: The Permanent Fund

Chapter 14: The Bequest Society and Major Donors