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I met Akeisha when she was a senior in high school and dealing with senioritis. We made a plan to bring her grades up, researched options for after high school, and built a small college fund.
Because of lack of preparation and support, Akeisha did not do well on her SATs and ACTs. So rather than stressing about getting in a four-year college we investigated community colleges and the Air Force.
We’re still working on figuring out the future, but I’m happy to report that Akeisha has become less angry and is more able to think things through rather than blowing up now. I’m very hopeful about her future success.
I met De’Jon in 2013. Initially, he was very quiet and shy. As he got comfortable with me, his personality started to come out. At the beginning, there were several weeks where he was "sick" and didn't attend school and avoided tutoring sessions.
It took time to build trust. By being a constant, stable person in his life and working with him week after week, our relationship developed, and we became close.
His school attendance improved, he attended regular tutoring sessions, and consequently his grades improved.
I appreciated his words of affirmation and enjoyed spending time with him. I made an impact by being there for him through it all.
When Lawshanda, my mentee, made the Honor Roll and the Dean’s List, I was awestruck! I wanted all the details. "THE DEAN'S LIST?” I asked, "That's huge! What did you do to get on that?"
We talked about how far she's come in controlling her body when she's angry. We discussed how some people (even adults) haven't mastered that. My mentee even brought up that she's getting much better with self-control because she hasn't been getting in trouble at school. She said it still isn’t easy, but I told her she is progressing in leaps and bounds and that I'm very proud of her accomplishments.