District 5170 Visioning Committee
As a committee of organized, dedicated and trained Rotarians engage in facilitation to guide and assist Rotary clubs in District 5170 to establish and strengthen their strategic missions and priorities.
The Visioning Committee provides a free service to all the clubs of District 5170 offering to facilitate a four (4) hour session assisting the club to define their vision for the next 3-5 years.  Through the use of guided exercises, the facilitators will lead the participants so they can express their dreams for the future under each of the avenues of service.  The Visioning Committee collects all the data created at the session and provides a compilation of all the work to the club.  Currently, one of the facilitators present at the session offers to mentor the club to strategically plan their vision.
Note: Please understand that because of the COVID challenge, these sessions are presently not available.  Each session requires in-person and hands-on ability and a group setting.