Welcome to Rotary Year 2023-2024
Our goals set for this Rotary Year:
  1. To grow and diversify our membership and participation
  2. To create new channels into Rotary
  3. To increase Rotary’s openness and appeal
  4. To build awareness of our impact and brand
Membership growth means more resources, more projects, thus more impacts! As your District Membership Chair, the District Membership Committee will help to provide information, inspiration, and support for all clubs in the District to enhance member retention and attraction activities, as well as assisting in the implementation of flexibility in membership types and meeting formats.
Together, let’s create a culture of innovation in bringing Rotary to people who simply need a bridge built to connect them with Rotary’s spirit of service. 
We will strive to imagine a Rotary where members act to make their dreams become reality and they make the most of their club experiences. Let’s encourage  members to engage more with each other and use these connections to build partnerships that change the world.
Camilla Boolootian
District Membership Chair
Rotary Club of Santa Cruz Sunrise