Public Relations

Public Relations is the life blood of any growing dynamic organization. Historically, Rotary and Rotary clubs have kept a low key approach to discussing the work of Rotary.  The attitude was Rotarians do their work because they want to give back but were not interested in "bragging."

These days, with instant messaging and the internet, Public Relations has become a key part of growing Rotary's membership.  We do not "brag" about what we do. Instead, the message sent out describes the work being done.  The follow on is inviting anyone who reads or hears the message to join Rotary and assist in the efforts.

This section of the district website contains various topics related to overall rationale and planning of a PR program, social meeting, internet, working with the media, and an example of a project that used the media to get the word out about its purpose and success.

There is an extensive list of references on the last page of the PR section here. The following link however will take you to a quick overview of what a complete club PR program should include.  CLICK HERE to access  Rotary Club Public Relations Review, Integrated Communications, Calendar and Tips.