District 5170 Foundation Resource Bureau

This site provides information about The Rotary Foundation that can be used to educate club members about the Foundation and help in fund raising. The information comes from Rotary International, The Rotary Foundation and from other Rotary Clubs. You may click on the topic name to receive the materials. 


  • Annual Fund and SHARE CLICK HERE - This web site provides descriptions of the Annual Fund, the World Fund, The Share and Districted Designated Funds, Recurring Giving, Donor Recognition and a number of Resources, References and tools.
  • Every Rotarian Every Year CLICK HERE - This document is a marketing brochure which describes the concept of EREY and includes a donation form.
  • Newsletters - RI provides many newsletters on different topics. You may subscribe to these newsletters, such as for Polio Plus. To do so, you must have a Rotary ID and Password. Go to the RI web site and click on “My Rotary” and log on. Go to the search window at the top of the page, enter “newsletters” and then select the first option, NEWSLETTERS. Select “MANAGE SUBSCRIPTIONS” or CLICK HERE and pick the newsletters you want.
  • Foundation Reference Guide CLICK HERE - This document gives a detailed description of the Rotary Foundation and how it operates.
  • Videos CLICK HERE - Rotary has made over 900 videos available on Vimeo. These videos are on a wide range of topics covering all aspects of Rotary and can be easily downloaded to your computer. First select the video you want to download. Then look below the video screen, just below the name of the video. Click on the fourth option: “Download”. Then select one of the three MP4 options, usually HD.MP4 file for a computer. This will give you a reasonably large image. The video will then be downloaded to your computer, most likely into your computer’s Download folder. Most of the videos are very short, a few minutes, and could be shown at a club meeting to stimulate interest in what the Foundation does with the money donated to it.
  • Club Presentation - This is a Power Point Presentation of 17 slides with notes, titled “Doing Good in the World”, that can be used for a club presentation on Rotary. The notes, attached to the slides, provide information about each slide’s contents. (attached file)
  • Areas of Focus - This page on the RI web site discusses specific causes to target and provides access to the Areas of Focus Guide. CLICK HERE
  • Rotary Showcase: Browse Projects Across the Globe CLICK HERE  - Descriptions of projects conducted by Rotary Clubs across the globe which might give you ideas.
  • Fundraising - On its website, Rotary International provides many suggestions and resources to help in fundraising efforts. To access the site, Click Here


Rotary and Polio Fact Sheet- Click Here  

Fundraising Ideas - Click Here

Success Stories - Click Here 

Promoting Your Fundraiser - Click Here 


These are brief thoughts about the work of the Foundation that can be used at the start of your club meeting.


RI maintains a very large set of free photos that you can select from, indexed by topic. The photos can be used in club programs, brochures, event flyers, etc. Go to the following web site and search for what you want. CLICK HERE