Clubs need to grow.  To grow in a consistent fashion, it is most helpful to have a process in place to spell out how new members are brought into the club and become an integral part of the organization.  The Membership Process Proposal and Red Badge to Blue Badge links to the left can assist clubs in setting up a process to recruit and engage new members in club activities, which is key to long term retention.  

Engaging new members in club activities is key to long term retention.  Retention is one of many keys to having a successful Rotary Club.  Too many times our clubs accept their attrition each year without attempting to re-engage their membership.  It’s a daily task in which all Rotarians must participate.  We need to demonstrate that “We Care” about our fellow members.  It’s extremely important that we prove the value of Rotary to our members in everything we do and say. 

Review the attached pages listed to the left to assist the understanding and implementation of a good Retention Program.